Efforts You Can Make to Help in Wildlife Protection in Your Area

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A world that we wish for our children to inherit should be a world that has its natural ecosystems in place. Wildlife protection is the need of the hour, and every person is accountable for it by adopting a more humane and responsible way of life. There are some easy measures you can take to protect wildlife in your city or county, such as:

* Protect the environment to protect wildlife.
Every step you take impacts the world at large, so it’s always better to make every action a positive one. It begins with protecting your immediate environment and adhering to laws and rules about conservation to ensure a litter-free, plastic-free zone in your neighbourhood. The cleaner and greener the environment, the better for the animal and bird kingdom at large. The next step is to be as non-intrusive as possible when visiting natural reserves and national parks – this includes avoiding littering, making noise or interfering with the animals’ way of life. Other steps you can take include saving use of fuel whenever possible, recycling and reducing waste, eliminating plastic usage in everyday life, switching to sustainable cleaners that do not impact marine ecology, and participating in, or organising regular trash clean-ups in your home or office neighbourhood.

* Get information about local conservation and protection efforts.
Your local area or even the city at large has organisations working tirelessly in the arena of wildlife protection and environmental conservation. Most of them require volunteers, donations in cash or kind, and a constant stream of ancillary resources to continue their work. You can get information about local efforts being made to protect animals and birds, and ally with the causes that resonate with you the most.

For example, the Government of the United Arab Emirates has implemented strict measures to protect wildlife in the UAE. Wildlife protection laws in the country extend to the conservation of natural ecologies for the benefit of wildlife such as the red fox, Asiatic caracal, striped hyena, Brandt’s hedgehog, cape hare, sand cat and Arabian leopard, among others. These measures encompass steps such as protecting plant species, preventing dumping in the sea, reducing plastic use, creating nature reserves, and generating environmental awareness among residents. UAE residents are invited to become part of these initiatives and to volunteer resources and time wherever possible.

* Learn more about species in peril.
Every region has some threatened or imperiled species that need help from becoming extinct. Positive human intervention in the form of supporting policies and creation of funds to protect wildlife in the area can go a long way in helping these species. But the first step is to know which species are in peril. You can find out more from your local municipal office, or the nearest national park, or even local organisations in your area that work to protect wildlife and plant ecosystems. Next, you can spread awareness about them, and follow environment-friendly measures to curb further threats.

* Protect your property, but not at the cost of wildlife.
It helps to be kind to all living beings, and avoiding the use of high voltage electric fences, snares and traps to catch animals roaming into one’s property, or impacting crops, is a good measure. Whenever possible, advocate the use of cruelty-free measures to prevent animals from causing agricultural or property damage. Further, do take animals and birds injured in snares to the nearest vet for immediate treatment and to be released back into the wild.

Which other measures can individuals take to protect animals and plants in their area? Tell us in the comments section below.

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