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Forest on the Cloud

We have created a unique eco-system of the latest technologies, data and management practices to ensure that people and nature thrive.

Forest monitoring using Satellites

We use geospatial imaging captured via satellites to track and monitor the health of the natural habitats. These images and related analytics are available on our platform for Guardians to view and interact. These images will also enable us to build proactive protection measures and guide our ongoing restoration programs.

Secured on Blockchain

In order to ensure transparency, efficiency and security in the allocation and transactions of SGCs, Sacred Groves elected to employ Blockchain technology for posting transactions. The private blockchain network selected is more energy efficient and transactions can be executed faster, while fulfilling the requirements of transparency and security.

Artificial Intelligence protecting the Natural World

Cognitive computing is used to assist humans in their decision-making process. Human cognition involves real-time analysis of environment, context and intent, among many other variables that inform a person’s ability to solve problems. We are using AI and Cognitive AI experiences such as our BeeBot so Guardians have the power of information available to them as they embark on a journey of change.

Forests on the Cloud

We harness the power of technology by putting Cloud computing at the core of our system architecture. Being a Cloud only enterprise gives us the advantage of speed, scalability, costs and security that are essential for our purpose.

Legally binding Smart Contracts

We aspire to protect natural habitats over the long term, enabling nature to flourish. To facilitate this, extensive effort has been made to create legal contracts under the universally recognised tenets of the English law that help in maintaining order, establishing standards, resolving potential disputes and protecting individual rights and liberties. Sacred Groves has made the entire legal process easy by becoming the first party Contract administrator with the owners of the natural habitats (governments, institutions, landowners, etc.) using mechanisms such as leaseholds, freehold, management contracts etc to ensure long-term protection. The Guardians enter into a single contract with Sacred Groves delivered digitally. This protects the interest of all stakeholders while minimising the effort to protect.

Visit your Natural Habitat virtually, anytime

As the world has progressively urbanised, the connection between people and the nearest forest/ natural habitat is increasingly becoming distant. This distance creates a sense of apathy and disconnect. Sacred Groves is attempting to bridge this gap by creating a platform that connects people to natural habitats in real-time. To enable this deeper involvement we have used Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit for building beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile and desktop from a single code base. Our source code has been built on Python, one of the most widely used open-source programming languages globally. Our talented team of coders has taken every care to make the platform built to last!

Advanced Analytics to power conservation efforts

To drive meaningful change, information transparency and availability are sometimes the missing link. Our foundations are based on presenting and analysing verifiable facts from trusted sources with the aspiration of enabling our Guardians to take action. Using state-of-the-art AI, Machine Learning, Statistical Modelling and Image analytics, we aspire to make the protection of our natural resources an engaging and educative experience for all.

Connecting Communities

The world needs to rally together to make a real difference. We believe that magic happens when many like-minded individuals get together to drive change. To facilitate this, we have a growing community on Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. We also have an in-app messaging platform built on FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging), a leading open source messaging platform.

Wild Tech

Python, Rabbit, Pandas, Spyder & Anaconda are not just found in the wild but are also the latest technologies that have helped us create a state-of-the-art interaction experience for Sacred Groves. We have used Python as our core programming language. Our messaging system is built on RabbitMQ, a popular open source messaging platform. Panda is our software library for data analysis. We are using Spyder for cross platform integrated development and Anaconda for data processing. We have also built our mobile app on Flutter which is a popular UI toolkit.

The latest technologies inspired by the wild brought together to make a real difference.

Stories that inspire us

We love to hear about other people who are striving to make a positive difference to our planet. We hope you enjoy reading them.

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