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A Call For Change

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will protect it! Why are we losing our natural habitats at such a worrying pace? What are some of the main triggers causing the destruction? Here are some key facts that highlight the root of the issue:

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Sacred Groves is eager to form long lasting partnerships with like-minded people and organizations that share our values. Change at scale only happens when there are many involved, so if you think you can help us reach more like-minded individuals and companies please get in touch with us. We would be delighted to assist you in your journey to make a difference.

Please get in touch with us at [email protected]. Our Co-founders will be delighted to discuss opportunities for collaboration and support. 

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Greenhouse Effect

Wonderful insight to Nature’s creation.This is truly the best connect with our Nature.

Wild Animals

- Rakesh Saksena

Greenhouse Effect

Love the idea we need to return the earth to what it was in more places. Humans have changed things in the past but not always in good way.

Wild Animals

- Susan Mcevoy

Greenhouse Effect

Extremely insightful; shows how granular we must approach our environment. Thank you Sacred Groves!

Wild Animals

- Manoj Narender Madnani

Greenhouse Effect Greenhouse Effect

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Natural habitats monitored through Google Earth.

Every Sacred Groves Cluster is assigned a unique code so you can see exactly where you are protecting.

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We promise transparency with every transaction.

Technology and analytics will allow you to see exactly where and how you are making a difference.

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Payments using Stripe, a leading world-class secure payment gateway that accepts all leading cards, wallets, bank debits, and more.

Traceable transactions

All Sacred Groves Clusters are secured on the Blockchain for enhanced traceability and trust.

Fully Regulated

  • All natural habitats are owned or leased by The Sacred Groves Community Interest Company (No. 12481036, incorporated in England and Wales) regulated by Companies House, UK.
  • Publicly available audited financials filed annually with Companies House.

Governed by English Law

  • Legally binding contracts and agreements under English law prepared by leading global law firms.
  • Sustainable future of natural habitats secured through long term legal contracts enabling biodiversity to flourish.

We are trusted and loved by a rapidly growing global community of Guardians.

Stories that inspire us

We love to hear about other people who are striving to make a positive difference to our planet. We hope you enjoy reading them.

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