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Gigrin Prysg

Mid Wales, United Kingdom

Gigrin Prysg is situated half-a-mile south of the busy market town of Rhayader, Powys. Many bird species frequent this lovely oak wood in a scenic region of mid Wales. Sightings include buzzard, sparrow hawk, cuckoo, tree creeper, lesser and greater spotted woodpecker and many others. The woodland has a sunny westerly aspect at the foot of Gwastedyn Hill.

Habitats in Gigrin Prysg

From the wood there are stunning far-reaching views across Rhayader and towards the nearby Elan Valley. There is a beautiful stream running through this woodland of predominantly sessile oak with occasional regeneration of holly, hazel, ash and rowan on the lower slopes and birch, sycamore, and ash on the upper slopes.

Habitats in Gigrin Prysg

The woodland flora community includes scaly male fern, hard shield fern, bilberry, heather and a rich diversity of mosses and lichens such as wood bristle-moss, rusty feather-moss, and old man’s beard lichen. Over the years, many such ancient woodlands have been lost to commercial activities. We are privileged to support this beautiful natural habitat for the further benefit of the local community and environment.

Introduction to Sacred Groves Gigrin Prysg

The property has been surveyed by Carter Jonas (founded in 1855), a leading UK estate management firm. The freehold purchase was facilitated by DWF, a leading global provider of integrated legal and business services. Please visit our disclosure section for their detailed reports.

Our conservation approach customised for Gigrin Prysg:

The Restorative Continuum

This approach is in line with the ethos of (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) UN SDG 15 and also serves the objectives of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (2021-2030).

Recent images of Gigrin Prysg

May 2023

Woodland overview
Oaks and understory
Oaks and bilburn
Oak regeneration
Heather and moss

August 2022

Ancient Oaks
Carpet of moss
Dense Foliage
Wild Flowers

September 2021

Woodland vegetation
Woodland vegetation
Woodland stream
Wild blackberry
Sacred Groves Gigrin Prysg
Oak regeneration
Oak canopy
Ferns and heather
Bracken Fern
Ancient Oaks
Ancient Oaks
Ancient Oaks

January 2021

Woodland vegetation
Woodland vegetation
Woodland vegetation
Ferns and mosses
Ancient Oaks

Gigrin Prysg: Portrait of a Welsh Wood

Forest Gigrin Prysg

Central to Welsh folklore, Wales‚ upland oak woodlands suffered the slings and arrows of English seizures, hungry ruminants and the 20th century world wars. Sacred Groves’ project at Gigrin Prysg is a model for upland oak woodland generation that might help these ancient trees weather the challenge of our century: a changing climate.

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