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Why do we care?

Soccer pitches of trees lost since you landed on the website

Source: Global Forest Watch

Updated On: Dec, 2021

40.14 %

Of assessed plant species are under threat of extinction

Source: IUCN Red List

Updated On: Jan, 2022

8.42 %

World cities with moderately unhealthy Air Quality Index

Source: AQICN

Updated On: 21 Jan, 2022

418.33 PPM

CO2 concentration of 300-400 levels, highest in 800,000 years


Updated On: 09 Jan, 2022


Year 2020 & 2016 were the hottest years in recorded human history

Source: NASA

Updated On: Sep, 2021

What is Sacred Groves?

Sacred Groves is a platform that enables environmentally sensitive individuals and companies to take meaningful actions in protecting our planet's biodiverse habitats.

How does Sacred Groves work?


We secure biodiverse habitats and forests all over the world

We do this through direct land purchase, lease or long term management agreements with governments, individuals and institutions.


We virtually divide them into Sacred Groves Clusters (SGCs)

Each acre of land secured will be virtually divided into an average of 275 clusters covering a virtual footprint of 158.4 square feet.


Each Sacred Groves Cluster can be protected for a fee by our Guardians

The Sacred Groves Community Interest Company shall be responsible for the management (by ownership or long term lease/ contracts) and protection of the habitat area on behalf of the Guardians. The fee paid by the Guardians shall go towards securing the area for a period of 10 years.


Each Sacred Groves Cluster is assigned a unique ID

This enables its health and progress to be monitored using geospatial data and satellite imagery.


A platform for sustainable impact on a global scale

Our platforms allow Guardians to create communities committed to protecting our planet.

Supporting Natural Habitats is Easy

Even the smallest contribution can make a difference.
Use our calculator to estimate your positive impact.

1 1 10,000
For a total contribution of


10 Year Protection Fee for SGCs

£ 30

5 Years Maintenance Fee Upfront

£ 5

Balance Maintenance Fee

£ 5

To be paid annually from year 5 onwards

Your impact would be



Natural Habitat
Area Protected



Coverage Indicator



CO2 Sequestered
over 10 years

Air Pollution


Pollution Removal
in 10 years

Above figures are estimations and will vary based on location of SGCs

Forests under Sacred Groves Protection

Explore your Sacred Groves right now virtually on Google Earth. Every Sacred Groves Cluster is assigned a unique code so you can see exactly what you are protecting.

You can gift Sacred Groves on special occasions

Now you can gift Sacred Groves Clusters to your loved ones, friends or colleagues on birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions

The Sacred Groves Seal of Trust


Natural habitats monitored through Google Earth.

Every Sacred Groves Cluster is assigned a unique code so you can see exactly where you are protecting.

Your contribution is secure!

We promise transparency with every transaction.

Technology and analytics will allow you to see exactly where and how you are making a difference.

Secure Payments

Payments using Stripe, a leading world-class secure payment gateway that accepts all leading cards, wallets, bank debits, and more.

Traceable transactions

All Sacred Groves Clusters are secured on the Blockchain for enhanced traceability and trust.

Fully Regulated

  • All natural habitats are owned or leased by The Sacred Groves Community Interest Company (No. 12481036, incorporated in England and Wales) regulated by Companies House, UK.
  • Publicly available audited financials filed annually with Companies House.

Governed by English Law

  • Legally binding contracts and agreements under English law prepared by leading global law firms.
  • Sustainable future of natural habitats secured through long term legal contracts enabling biodiversity to flourish.

We are trusted and loved by a rapidly growing global community of Guardians.

Our Aspiration Is to Make
Meaningful Impact by 2025


Acres of natural


Acres of water




Million Tons of
CO2 Sequestered





Become a Guardian

Our Guardians support our cause

No matter where you come from, how much or little you wish to contribute, you can improve our planet's health and you can start now! Sign up and become a Sacred Groves Guardian today!

Sacred Groves is an affordable and flexible way to protect natural habitats

For as little as £40 you can begin your conservation journey and can support up to 10,000 SGCs over time to make an impact. The price one pays for a nice bouquet of flowers is all it takes to get started.

Stories that inspire us

We love to hear about other people who are striving to make a positive difference to our planet. We hope you enjoy reading them.

Signup now and start protecting our planet today!

Our Portal makes protecting natural habitats easy! Join our community of Guardians and keep track of your positive impact with photos and real time data.

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