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Company Forests - People, Planet & Profitability

Progressive organizations are realizing the urgent need to create value for shareholders and society alike. Driven by consumer demand, regulatory influences, investor pressures and criticism from local communities companies need to forge a whole new agenda for their sustainable future.

Sacred Groves can be a valuable long term partner for progressive organizations. Our purpose of protecting natural habitats all over the world can be customized to fit the needs of organizations helping drive their brand, shareholder value, employee engagement and community relationships. Together we can positively impact the planet and create impact at scale.

Brand your Forest/ Grassland/ Wetland/ Mangrove

Reinforce your company's climate commitment by supporting your own forests or habitats. The brand can be the company name, one of its owned brands, names of founders, employees, customers or any milestone that can remain etched in the organization's history. Over time the company can have its forests in different parts of the world reflecting their commitment to global efforts in driving positive climate action.

Support forests and natural habitats all over the world

Over the next three years Sacred Groves aspires to protect varied natural habitats in at least 10 countries. By partnering with Sacred Groves your company can have a multinational presence, which may be particularly valued by clients and stakeholders of global businesses.

Get regular performance reports

Access your impact reports anytime through our online dashboard. We will share with you the impact that your support is making in reducing pollution, sequestering carbon and supporting biodiversity

Integrate into your product program

Sacred Groves Clusters are digital products that can be integrated into a company's product program. Ideas ranging from rewards, loyalty programs, product bundles, etc. can be considered to drive appeal to your product and services. As an example, Sacred Groves Clusters can be offered as an incentive for purchase of products and services.

Sustainability reporting - transparent and traceable impact

Include support to Sacred Groves as a part of your organization's commitment to the Environment in your Sustainability report. We will be happy to support you with a positive statement in line with our mutual aspirations. Here’s an example from the Sustainability report of DWF where Sacred Groves has been featured as a case study.

Align with UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15

Enhance your Sustainability agenda by committing to SDG 15. At Sacred Groves, we are inspired by the UN REDD program "Deforestation and forest degradation account for approximately 11% of carbon emissions, more than the entire global transportation sector and second only to the energy sector. Halting and reversing deforestation could deliver upto 30% of the climate solution, making forests one of the most cost effective and immediate solutions to climate change"

Employee Rewards & Recognition

Make your employees feel special by rewarding them with Sacred Groves Clusters on special occasions. This will further reinforce your company’s culture and commitment to climate change. Across the world, employees are increasingly looking at their companies to take definite steps. SGCs also can be gifted to employees for their community volunteering efforts. Additionally employees who become Guardians can also form or join Squads (groups) on our platform and drive positive change.

Asset Lock with CIC structure

The Sacred Groves is a Community Interest Company registered in England and Wales. As a CIC company, all assets of the company are under the purview of the Asset Lock structure where the end use of the asset can only be for the benefit of the society and the nature of the end use cannot be ever changed. This ensures the long term preservation of the natural assets.

We would be delighted to assist you in your journey to make a difference. Please get in touch with us at
[email protected]

Stories that inspire us

We love to hear about other people who are striving to make a positive difference to our planet. We hope you enjoy reading them.

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