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Our planet is the
greatest gift there is

Now you can gift Sacred Groves Clusters to your loved ones on birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions

Gifting is easy!
Just a few simple steps

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In order to gift Sacred Groves Clusters you must be signed up as a Guardian.

Select number of SGCs

Sacred Groves provides many denominations for you to choose from making it a flexible decision.

Choose the occasion

With a library of designs to choose from you can select a digital gift card tailored to suit any occasion.

Add personal details

Add details of your recipient, a personalised message and your gift is ready to send!

Our gifts are perfect for any occasion

Whether you are sending for a loved one’s Birthday or to a colleague for a corporate celebration, we have created multiple designs tailored to suit any occasion.
Take a look at some examples below

A gift with tangible impact

Are you tired of buying more gifts which people don’t really need? By gifting Sacred Groves Clusters you can make a positive impact on the planet while showing someone you care.

1 1 10,000
For a total contribution of


10 Year Protection Fee for SGCs

£ 30

5 Years Maintenance Fee Upfront

£ 5

Balance Maintenance Fee

£ 5

To be paid annually from year 5 onwards

Your impact would be



Natural Habitat
Area Protected



Coverage Indicator



CO2 Sequestered
over 10 years

Air Pollution


Pollution Removal
in 10 years

Above figures are estimations and will vary based on location of SGCs

Stories that inspire us

We love to hear about other people who are striving to make a positive difference to our planet. We hope you enjoy reading them.

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