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Sacred Groves is a platform dedicated to protecting our natural habitats. Get involved, be inspired and make a difference.

What is Sacred Groves

About Us
The Sacred Groves is a Community Interest Company, incorporated in England & Wales, driven by the purpose of protecting our planet’s natural habitats. Our platform has been built to enable millions of Guardians (environmentally sensitive individuals and companies) to seamlessly participate in the process of conservation.

Our mission is to protect natural habitats and inspire meaningful change. We are aligned with UN SDG 15 – Life on Land and UN SDG 13 – Climate Action. Our aspiration by 2025 is to protect and conserve 100,000 acres of natural habitats with the support of a flourishing community of 500,000+ Guardians. 

The Problem
Deforestation and forest degradation continue to take place at alarming rates, with the world losing a soccer field equivalent of primary forest every 6 seconds! According to the UN-REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation), 
(a) Currently 11% of all carbon emissions stem from deforestation – more than emissions from all means of transport combined.
(b) Halting deforestation and forest degradation can avoid emissions of more than 5 gigatons CO2e/year.
(c) Forest conservation and restoration can provide more than one quarter of the emissions reductions needed in the next two decades. 

Key Features
We secure natural habitats through either direct acquisition or long-term contracts with landowners and governments, map them using geospatial imaging, and convert them using advanced analytics into virtual Sacred Groves Clusters (SGCs). These are available for a fee on our web and mobile applications for monitoring and support by Guardians. Each SGC is available for a price of £40 for a 10-year term and can also be gifted on birthdays, anniversaries etc. We aspire to become a social network for the environmentally conscious with the recent introduction of our Squads feature. We have taken the effort out of habitat protection by doing all the heavy lifting, which includes legal contracts, taxation, maintenance services, technology, community engagement, marketing, payments, etc. In a few minutes, our Guardians can advance their conservation journey.

Our model is explained in more detail in the video below:

Join us in our journey to protect our natural habitats. Take small everyday actions to live a life more attuned with nature. We are confident that a group of inspired people who care, can together make a difference. Our planet needs our support. The choice is yours, can we inspire you to make a meaningful difference?